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Download Specification Sheet or PI Sheet here.

BARRACUDA™ Heavy-Duty Portable Barricade

The Safe-Hit BARRACUDA is a portable, interconnecting barricade that is highly effective as a longitudinal channelizing barricade, traffic delineator and visual marker.

Modular in design, the length of the BARRACUDA system can be varied for specific applications. The modules are pinned together and swivel for easy positioning. Once in place, the modules can be filled with water to add weight and to increase the energy-absorbing capabilities of the modules.

The Safe-Hit BARRACUDA modules are easy to move and set up. Each module weighs 80 lbs (36kg) and can be easily unloaded and positioned by two people. Additionally, modules are stackable for convenient storage and transport

The BARRACUDA has been FHWA accepted for use as a longitudinal channelizing barricade on highways, NCHRP 350 TL-2 tested. The BARRACUDA is not a positive protection Barrier. It is not designed to prevent intrusion. However, the BARRACUDA BARRICADE SYSTEM has been accepted by the FHWA to be interconnected to the end of a Triton® Barrier deployment. The Triton Water Filled Barrier System is an FHWA approved Positive Protection Barrier System manufactured by Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. This interconnection feature enables a seamless transition between the positive protection zone of the Triton Barrier System and the gating, channelizing zone of the BARRACUDA BARRIER SYSTEM.