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The Freeplay Eyemax LED radio delivers a fascinating new sensory dimension to radio listening. The crystal clear casings flaunt the complex workings of the radio and engage the user in the science of converting human energy into pure listening pleasure. It provides reliable access to radio and light anytime, anywhere, offering AM/FM and LED Light, solar power, wind-up or AC rechargeability.  The Eyemax fully charged gives you 25 hours play time, or 30 second wind gives you 35 minutes play at normal volume.


EYEMAX AM/FM Weatherband with Integrated Flashlight

The Freeplay EyeMax Weatherband Radio provides reliable access to radio, weather information and light, anywhere, anytime, offering a choice of AC rechargeability, wind-up and solar power.  The Freeplay EyeMax will play for approximately 35 minutes at normal volume per 30 second wind, and can be rewound at any time for as much playtime as you want.  The EyeMax is the ideal companion for any situation. Features 7 NOAA channels. Fully charged give you 25 hours of play.     


SHERPA X-RAY LED Self-Sufficient LED Flashlight

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The Freeplay X-ray LED Flashlight introduces a new level of dependability.  Incorporating failsafe Freeplay wind-up technology, together with the reliability of a cluster of 7 ultra-bright white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), the Sherpa Xray LED provides excellent brightness and shine time with the peace of mind of never needing to ever replace the batteries or bulb.  Rechargeable from the wall for extended shine times or by winding.  Fully charged = 20 hours of shine.  30 second wind equals 20 minutes of shine.


 SUMMIT Self-Sufficient Multiband Radio

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The Freeplay Summit is the first compact multiband radio incorporating Freeplay’s unique self-sufficient energy technology.  This top end radio combines a PLL (digitally tuned) radio with the reliability of multiple power options: wind up, solar and rechargeable.  Key features include coverage of 4 wave bands (FM/MW/SW/LW), digital tuning and 30 station presets. An LCD digital display panel with backlight enables the user to see the selected radio station, clock and alarm settings – day or night.  Fully charged gives you 20 hours of play, and a 30 second wind give you 30 minutes playtime.


RANGER Self-Sufficient Radio

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The Freeplay Ranger Radio promises assured listening, anytime, anywhere.  Offering a choice of wind-up, solar and rechargeable power, the Ranger incorporates unparalleled sound quality, playtime performance, dependability, and durability.  In a compact, rugged and stylish design, the Ranger FM/AM Radio is fitted with a DC input facility to accommodate the AC/DC adapter/charger and an earphone socket for personal listening.  In direct sunlight the Ranger will charge itself and play continuously without winding.  Fully charged give you 25 hours play. A 30 second wind equals 35 minutes playtime.