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Controller for W1-AG & WS1-A

The WS1-A radio transmitter control unit is carried by the operator from a shoulder strap. The radio controls the Automated Flagger Device by broadcasting an individual binary code for each command corresponding to the control switches. As a fail-safe feature one Device will not change its indication unless it receives a confirming broadcast from the second Device that is in the Stop mode, making it impossible to get a double Slow indication.

The transmitter has four square control buttons, each of which light when activated. Two green buttons marked 1 and 2 control the "Slow function". A red button is the reset control to turn both Devices to Stop. A blue button lights-up when the power is on. The unit's only other control switch is a round, 2'' mushroom style button located in the center of the control panel. Hitting this "panic button" will cause both Devices to indicate Stop and activate the warning siren. Pressing the red reset deactivates the siren button.

W1-AG & WS1-A Common Specs

The Master Device is a cabinet enclosure mounted with two 8" semi pneumatic wheels. It houses the radio, PLC (programmable logic controller), the Stop/Slow sign, gear motor, (WS1-A only) amplifier and speaker for the warning siren, and battery. The cabinet has four adjustable legs to level the unit and to provide stability. The Stop/Slow paddle and the Signal head is attached to a telescoping "tube within a tube" which extends upward from the cabinet and used to extend sign or signal height. The Master unit is identified with a large numeral 1 on the signal head and the back of the cabinet. There is one on/off switch on the inside of the cabinet to control on/off power.

In addition there is also a 3-way toggle switch to select between 2-Device operation, single Device, and "wig-wag". The single Device switch option is used when only one Device is employed. It disables the red receive confirmation used for a 2 Device system as a fail-safe.

W1-AG & WS1-A System Operation

Operation for 2-Device configuration: Select function for both units (master/slave) using the toggle switch located inside the cabinet. Turn on power… both Devices will indicate Stop. Turn on the control unit. The system is now ready for operation.

Choose which Device to release traffic and depress the corresponding green button. This will cause the control unit to broadcast a radio signal to the receiver of the selected Device to the proper indication. It will also cause the second Device to broadcast a confirming signal to the first unit that it is in fact displaying Stop and okay for the first unit to display "Slow" or flashing yellow. The selected unit will not display "Slow" or flashing yellow, unless it receives this confirming signal from the other device.

To change Devices, push the red reset button causing both units to display Stop. Then, the operator may choose which Device to display "Slow" or flashing yellow.