Emergency Management Barrier Gate

The patent pending Safe-Crossings Barrier Gate is designed to be manually extended to a distance up to 50' long.   In its home position, the gate is a trim 20' long.   The gate is designed to be either permanently mounted on a concrete base that is 48" deep or be mounted to a trailer - either singularly or in tandem - for rapid deployment to a crisis location.

Permanent Installations:

The permanently mounted gates are installed at known flood zone boundaries, bridges, exit ramps, roads prone to snow closure, and even city streets where annual street fairs are held.   Typically these gates are deployed on an exception basis where traffic flow must either be stopped or diverted.

Trailer Mounted Gates

Closes up to 104' of roadway!  The trailer mounted gates are typically deployed to emergency situations (fires, automobile accidents, floods, etc); construction sites needing work zone separation / isolation, airport work and storage zones, and any place traffic must be either stopped or diverted on an as needed basis.

All of the Barrier Gate systems are also highly resistant to tampering and meddling where vandalism is a problem.