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Weather Systems


Matlack Sales is a distributor for Quixote Transportation Technologies (QTT), a leader in the transportation industry.  Through the integration of it's subsidiaries like Nu-Metrics, SSI, and HIS, we can custom design a system to solve any traffic/weather problems.  We can integrate traffic information with weather data and project that information to the DOT (or Municipality) through the internet, e-mail or page alerts.  Messages can be automatically sent to motorists through Highway Advisory Radio, Dynamic Message Boards, or a static sign with flashing beacons.  Pavement sensors can be placed in the roadway or bridge deck to detect freeze points and automatically trigger a Freeze Free system to spray chemicals to keep ice from forming.  We can also help you manage weather events with our comprehensive forecasting services.

We have weather system networks in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  Some of our current projects include:


RWIS Applications          Surface Patrol              Surface Patrol HD